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IPL Plastiques





Manufacturer of injection molded plastic parts and plastic blow molding parts for a wide range of sectors including food packaging, environment, geothermy, industrial specifications and materials handling.



IPL calls upon our services for a variety of marketing initiatives that would not be possible otherwise due to a lack of internal marketing resources. Hey! Creative Marketing also acts as marketing advisor for the the company executve that in turn oversees the 5 company divisions.


Expertises Required

Communications and strategic marketing knowledge with regard to the injection molded plastic and food processing packaging industries.



Canada, United States



In the role of  food category manager and product manager:

Management of a line of food packaging products, ROI analyses, development of new concepts and evaluation of the latter by specialists and customers.

In the role of external advisor and marketing project director: Director of outsourcing communications-marketing services, development of a marketing plant for the launch of a new product line, creation of a company presentation and media strategy that targets specialized medias channels.